The Foundation of our Marketing Business

Every business has a foundation story, whether it started with the homesteaders or an idea in a garage. Their stories are filled with pride and passion and our’s is not different. We started in the Ag Business where we learned the value of hard-work and going the extra mile. Rockin Roan Media began with a few side projects after work; logo designs, wedding programs, and fliers. Soon, due to word-of-mouth requests came in from family, friends, and business because we understood the ag industry and the small business.

Working in a small business made us realize the challenges. Business owners wear many hats; they focus on profit, margins, day-to-day operations, payroll, HR, supply, customer service, and more. The office staff is limited to understanding the ever-changing technology of marketing and social media. It becomes just another “to do.” They are then faced with two decisions; hire a marketing person for their company, or hire an ad agency. We are the middle ground.

Ad agencies are great for successful marketing campaigns, but day-to-day brand awareness through social media is reliant on office staff members. Hiring a marketing staff can be costly after you figure equipment, benefits, and salaries based on experience. Rockin Roan’s commitment to communication allows us to be a staff member, utilizing our talents to create marketing campaigns and branding your business through creating documents, fliers, and social media.

Our goal is simple; we want to know your business. We become a contract employee with industry experience. Successful marketing increases sales, creates brand awareness, keeps companies competitive, and is a customer service arm to tell your story and reduce your staff’s demands.

Flying Turkeys

Throughout the season of Christmas traditions flood your mind as you go Christmas shopping or watch another Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel. I have many. There is the time spent with family and my grandma giving us all food poisoning from a bad batch of Lutefisk. My cousin, Heidi, got the worst of it…

Rockin Roan Media is a marking agency devoted to helping the agriculture industry and small businesses. With 15 years working in the agriculture industry and humble roots that support small businesses. We are the middle ground between hiring an advertising agency or hiring an in-house marketing person to facilitate your marketing needs. 


We are motivated to create professional content that will attract loyal customers that sets their customer experience with your company. We utilize our equipment and technology to serve our partners best. This allows small businesses to stay competitive with big box stores.


We get it. We have been there. We have 15 years of experience working with small businesses and the ag industry in sales, customer service, and marketing. We know the challenges. We don’t recreate the wheel; we modernize it to suit the needs of our partners.


We know small business owners don’t quit at 5 pm, neither do we. We are available morning, noon, and night to discuss your ideas and opportunities. We believe in communications; it’s why our business structure’s foundation has an aggressive on-boarding process and weekly communications. We are part of your team.


Communication is the foundation of our business, it allows for your investment to be successful, and your expectations are met. Our weekly communications will enable us to set goals and timelines for successful marketing strategies.