Technology has changed, and videos to promote your business, genetics, ranch, and agriculture industry are at the forefront of marketing. Statistics show more customers engage in businesses when they are emotionally connected to the business’s values. Videos can go beyond print advertising scope as we go full Paul Harvey and tell the “rest of the story.” Simple social videos can help your customers learn more about your business, products, promotions, and events you are promoting. However, there are different video types we like to engage to help market your business.

  • Story Teller Videos: 2-minute videos that use testimonials and interviews from customers, employees, and owners. These explain your business, how you got started, the services you provide, and the “why” your business is different from the competitors. We dig deeper and share your story on your impact on the community and industry. These videos have a longevity of 2-3 years.
  • Promotional Video: 30-sec videos that promote your business or products. Videos used for social media ads embed on your website or e-newsletters. We tell the details of the products, price, and the scope of the business. These videos have a longevity of 2-3 months, depending on the product’s shelflife and season. Great for event promotions such as horse and bull sales, private individual horses for sale, or business promotional sales.